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    Coupon Site Affiliates
    Hey everyone!

    I currently manage an affiliate program. I currently have a ton of coupon sites as affiliates, is this good? I know I lose some profit, as with these kind of affiliates I am offering a discount + commission, but it just seems like most affiliates I find are either coupon sites or blogs. Is it okay to be mostly coupon site related? Should I be looking for different kinds of affiliates?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Should I be looking for different kinds of affiliates?
    Jer, you want affiliates to sell your products. Why do you think affiliates have mostly coupon sites and blogs? Because, it's what works right now to sell products. Buyers are looking for deals and social sites get traffic.
    Affiliates are not dumb, why do you want them to build sites that don't sell? It could change tomorrow if our good friend Google changes its mind.
    Now, if you want to stay in business you have better to be sure you have enough margin to cover discount + commissions.

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    Like Zeus said above, coupons sites are big right now and traffic coming from coupon sites bring in a lot of sales. If you market your site right and leave enough margin coupon affiliates will bring a lot of value to your site.

    Just make sure you manage your coupons and keep your affiliates updated. Coupon affiliates hate it when merchants don't update them with new coupons or remove old coupons from the affiliate panel.
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    [URL=""][COLOR="Blue"][B]WP Coupon[/B][/COLOR][/URL] - Turn Wordpress into a Coupon Site!

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    Plus if whatever network you are on has access to the RSS feed, by all means load your coupons into that. It is so helpful to those of us that are putting coupons up and those coupons are always some of the first to be put out there.

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