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    A lady walks into the see the doctor and says: "Doctor, (excuse me), I have this problem (excuse me) with gas. I keep passing (excuse me) gas, it's not (excuse me) stinky (excuse me) and doesn't make any noise (excuse me) but I find it very embarassing."
    The doctor writes up a ion and tells her to take 2 pills a day and return in a week.

    One week later the lady returns and says, "Doctor, (excuse me) I took those pills and they did nothing (so sorry) to stop the gas. In fact, you still can't hear me pass gas (forgive me) but now it smells just awful!"

    The doctor replies, "Good, now that we've cleared up your sinuses, we'll work on your hearing next!"

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    Haha this one hits home for me since I'm just getting over a sinus infection!
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