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    Need a trained eye (that knows Volusion platform)
    My gift products look great and my pricing is in line with my competitors, but sales have not been great. I have been in this line of work for 15 years. My other gift biz is doing very well. Volusion suggested another template. I am open to that down the road. But, right now I just want to tweak/improve the one I have. It only has 25 products. I need some help with typography, fonts, etc. At Volusion, they either sell you something (sales) or confuse me (tech support.) I am on SAS....

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    Have you tried Google webmaster tools that allows you to test different landing pages? This might help you discover what is wrong with your theme.

    I also use ClickHeat (opensource, just google it) shows you where visitors click on your site. I found that a lot of users where having trouble with a menu button in IE, fixed it and sales went up.
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