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    I'm having some trouble with Widgets. I mean, they are simple enough to create, ShareASale even gives you a nice little tool that makes it a really easy process. I just do not know what to do with them? How can a widget be effective? What should my widgets be about? Products? Categories? I don't want to just make widgets to make them, what should I tell my affiliates they are for? Should I have a lot of widgets? Or only a few?

    A ton of questions, I know. I just am not sure what the heck to do with widgets!! I don't want to miss out on an affiliate tool that ShareASale obviously thinks is important.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,

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    Jer - Just a couple of suggestions. I would make just a few widgets to start out, then email your affiliates and tell them you will be happy to make additional widgets in different product types/themes and sizes.

    You might start out with something like:

    Best Selling Gadgets
    Popular Green Gadgets
    Seasonal/Holidays (Best sellers for Father's Day, etc.)
    Gift Ideas for Him
    Gift Ideas for Her

    Remember, you'll have to keep these widgets updated for affiliates. Hope that helps get you started.

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