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    Question Installing WordPress MU on HostGator
    As I stated in another post, I don't know how to do a "real" website, so I have "Blogs On Steroids".

    I wanted to tinker with increasing the dosage and buff them up some more by trying WordPress MU.

    However, I have a problem. Actually, I have a lot of problems, but let's just stick to this one for now. LOL!

    I can't figure out how to install WPMU. I have searched and searched for a more detailed explanation on how to install it, but most of what I found confused me more or was just beat-around-the-bush answers. I have even watched a YouTube video or two on the topic and ended up watching Queen videos to help relax my mind from the confusion it had just experienced.

    So, here we go...

    How do I install WPMU? I use HostGator. I just want to install it on one blog for now and see how it goes.


    Seriously, if someone could explain it in simple terms or link to a place with simple instructions, I would appreciate it.

    I have no shame in admitting I am rather ignorant when it comes to all this techno and code talk. Please keep that in mind. LOL!

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    you basically install it like regular Wordpress. Upload files, go to the directory, enter the database and user name. The only consideration is if you are going to use directories or not.

    In any case this question will disappear in a few weeks when the merged wordpress is released.

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    If you are going to use sub domains you might need to contact Hostgator to set up the DNS settings. (Unless you have WHM access)
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    WPMU is about to stop being its own thing and is going to become part of Wordpress 3.0. I would either wait a bit or go ahead and try the beta which is out but themes and plugin compatibility is a bit of a mystery.

    But it will still be hard to do wildcard subdomains on Hostgator. folders should be fairly easy

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    I saw the thread title and was coming to say what has already been said Wait a couple of weeks and WordPress 3.0 will have MU built in. If you go to you can see the beta and the features.
    Deborah Carney

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    WOOT! Thank you all. I like those answers. LOL!

    It took me months to get the nerve up to finally ask how to install it. I have no problem waiting a few more weeks to let them do it for me.

    I think a still need to go buy one of those "Starting A Website For Dummies" books.

    If I could ever figure this stuff out, I'd be a millionaire. I only need $999,999.13 more. LOL!

    Seriously, thanks everyone!!! Love those answers!!!

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