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    Hi Guys,
    I am studying the impact of Web 2.0 at university and this week we are looking at perpetual beta. A big part of perpetual beta is developers ability to update software regularly on the run and also the idea that it can be tested online. Companies can also test a sites features and see how it affects marketing.

    I however have been looking for some great examples of perpetual beta applications on the web and I was hoping you guys could help me identify some.


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    GMail was in extended beta for a long time...

    Google Adwords web interface seems to be different every time I look at it.

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    Look no further than Google for a couple of good examples - GMail, like andbeyond said, is a good one.

    Tweetdeck and various Twitter clients are also a good place to look. They tend to be in permanent beta (probably hoping some company will come along and buy them before they have to commit to a version 1).
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