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    Small biz clueless about online marketing
    While the rest of the world is tweeting, linking in and making Facebook friends, almost two-thirds (62%) of small-business executives arenít even using basic e-mail to market their firms.

    Thatís the finding of a new survey by Citibank. The poll of 552 small-business executives is a follow-up to one last fall about their use of online tools such as e-mail marketing, social media blogging, company websites and online ads.


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    The CEO of my new parent company does not even use a computer. He dictates everything to his secretary.

    They do have websites that were all built in the early 2000's and have no clue about SEO, PPC or email marketing. And they are a 25 million dollar company.

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    I love stories like this... all that low hanging fruit! Means we are still going to ride a wave. I see everything through new eyes now... "hmmm, I wonder if there is a possibility THERE?" Still exciting times for those of us who are committed to building value. It's still a frontier.. the first wave came through.. but the towns still need to be built and settled.

    Working with someone this week who sees the unbelievable potential in data-security in the health care / hospital field. If there was ever a "duh!" ... that's it!

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    At Affiliate Summit West 2009, Gary V talked about this in his keynote somewhat and have seen similar things brought up at other AS presentations that in 1998-2000s, people thought you were lame for wanting a website and that it was a total fad, and now they all wish they'd bought their domains back then LOL. Very interesting numbers though -- makes me thing of the Celebrity Apprentice episode a week or two ago where the Governor of Illinois dude (don't know how to spell his last name .,.. Blago something or other) can't hardly even use a cell phone and literally on camera "pecked" out an email. How do you run a whole freaking state and can't type an email. These are the people approving money for technology and education?????? No wonder our country is falling behind the rest of the world.

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    Whether we internet denizens like it or not , there are businesses that thrive very well without getting online. In most cases, it is because the market they sell to do not really get online, and so there really is no reason for their businesses to have an online presence.
    And there are some businesses which put up only a token website, but (the majority of) their sales do not come from the web, and so they are doing very well, too.
    Of course, there are businesses that can grow if they go online. And this is where we can look into for opportunities.
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    There is still a lot of potential for web design companies and other internet marketing companies. First get the companies online, then see if they have potential for affiliate marketing, then..... For someone that has time to go do cold calls, there is a lot of low hanging fruit and room for growth.
    Deborah Carney

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    No matter how small or local a business is, it ALWAYS makes sense to at least put out a 1-page site with more info. An electronic business card of sorts. And geotargeted PPC will usually be far more cost-effective than any other form of advertising.
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    Considering I consult in small business web analytics, I see there's still quite a few horses that need to be put ahead of my cart
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