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    Lightbulb Niche Specific Store?
    Dear David,

    We did a dry run with the Trial version of script.

    Our requirement is to have a niche Specific store and not dumping all the Categories from Amazon.

    For example:
    Scenario 1:
    Our Niche is, "Ultrasonic".
    We only want to pull all the products related to Keyword "Ultrasonic".

    Scenario 2:
    Our Niche is: "Men's Watches"
    We want to Dump all the Products from the "Men's Watches" Node ID from the Main Category "Watches".

    Note: Scenario 1 is keyword Specific Search while Scenario 2 is Node ID Specific Search.

    We are not able to achieve both the requirement from our dry run, or may be we missed something in the configuration of

    How can we achieve both the requirements?

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    1. "Ultrasonic" in what product category? If you mean "sonic toothbrushes" then you could display products from browse node 3778321 (Health & Personal Care > Personal Care > Oral Hygiene > Power Toothbrushes > Sonic Toothbrushes):


    2. The watches browse nodes at are a bit non-standard. AE does not work with all browse nodes, specifically the inconsistent ones at If you know of an browse node # then try it.


    You can also display men's watches via keyword search:


    To get specific brands (e.g.: Omega), add the brand name as a keyword:


    Yours truly,
    Cusimano.Com Corporation
    per: David Cusimano
    Affiliate Tools: Datafeed Merge

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