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    URGENT! We need to act TODAY!
    The "Amazon Tax Bill" could be voted on any day now... this is not something we can put off until tomorrow. CT Affiliates: please contact your local reps and oppose this bill. If you've done so already, just send a reminder to them. Here's also a list of members to concentrate on:

    Rep. Carlo Leone -
    Rep. David McCluskey -
    Rep. Brendan Sharkey -
    Rep. Jeff Berger -
    Rep. Bob Godfrey -
    Rep. Vin Candelora (republican)
    Rep. Cam Staples -

    The following are screeners and not elected officials, but they look at all the bills that come through and can be very powerful in helping plead our case. You want to say things like “thanks for your support on this”, “your input is helpful”

    Secretary of OPM – Bob Genuario -
    Ellen Scalettar -
    Michael Christ - ''

    Just keep the communication top-line and simple... if it gets too dense or complicated, the Reps definitely have a hard time following.

    Bottom line:
    1. This will hurt our business, we oppose using advertising
    relationships as the premise for nexus
    2. Retailers will legally side-step this legislation by terminating
    our advertising relationships
    3. No new revenue will be collected; the estimates of the state assume
    no affiliate relationships will be dropped.

    If you have time to do this today, that would be great. Our voices are being heard, I believe we are making a difference.

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    If the house members read the 'JOINT FAVORABLE REPORT' report on the following URL:

    It pretty much sums it up this bill is a EPIC Failure!

    I don't understand how any of the members can vote favorable for this ...

    Some quotes from the opposition of the bill.
    Paul Misener, Vice President for Global Public Policy, The legislation is unconstitutional and would produce “little to no revenue” for Connecticut. Amazon simply ended its advertising relationships with North Carolina and Rhode Island-based firms following similar legislation in those states. Officials from both states have “confirmed” that “little or no new tax revenue” has been collected under these nexus laws.

    Tom Klein: Feels bill would “jeopardize entire affiliate commissions” for Connecticut residents. Connecticut will not only fail to get sales tax revenue, but they will also lose current income revenue from commissions affiliated with retailers. Savvy consumers could simply click on affiliated links, close their browsers, and visit the retailer's site directly to avoid the sales tax nexus established in the bill. The bill is asking for 6% of the retailer's sale, while affiliates usually only receive 5% commission.

    Maybe they only read up to the following:

    The bill could result in a General Fund revenue gain to the Sales and Use Tax of up to $8.5 million per year beginning in FY11, based on New York's experience with similar legislation
    And skipped the rest?!
    OpA! Giasou Ti kanies!

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