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    Newslette Templates
    Where can I find free newsletter templates?
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    jacked by sylon

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    Quote Originally Posted by BurgerBoy View Post
    I think I agree with Burger Boy. If I were to be doing some internet marketing and wanting to find some free newsletter templates..... hmmm, I guess I'd trying Googling "free newsletter templates" to see what might be out there. Just a thought.

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    Google is your friend. Also try some template sites. They always give away some free ones. Most email service companies offer free templates as well (like mailchimp)
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    mynewsletterbuilder dot com is not bad. They have a free trial b4 you have to pay. I use that for a musician I help out.

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    Also depends on what you are going to use to make the newsletter.

    If you are using Word or Publisher you should start that program and see if it has the template like you need.

    That will be the easiest and fastest way to get a newsletter done.

    Publisher 2007 has some surprisingly good templates.

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    I send out newsletters in plain text so I do not really need pre-formatted templates. Not all email services/programs are able to display rich format or html emails and there are also users which disable that option. By sending out plain text newsletters I am more or less sure that my emails display correctly. Of course it isn't always pretty but when I want my newsletter subscribers to see something "pretty" I put in a link to one of my web pages.
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    The issue of free templates is quite contradictory, as on the one hand, it looks simple - find an html text and edit it according to your needs. But on the other hand (and that is my point of view) newsletter is a strong, marketing instrument, so needs custom solutions. That means that before creating a newsletter one has to do a minimal analysis on the subject and decide on the newsletter design, structure, text and so on. As a conclusion Ė donít waste time on searching for FREE newsletter templates, just do them yourself and it will give much better results.

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