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    Give away our service and earn $$
    I could not find a better section to post this, so mods please move or delete if I'm wrong.

    I'm an energy consultant for a national supplier. Basically I can give commercial customers an up to 3 year rate freeze, and in most cases a lower KWH charge. Most business owners know that their electrical costs are constantly going up. I can freeze that rate and give them control over their budget and mitigate their risk to price increases and avoid price spikes.

    I operate in 10 states and serve all kinds of businesses. My cost to the business owner is ZERO. I'm paid by the utility companies. So basically I give away a service that's a win-win with no downside.

    I'm looking for a few people who want to bring me deals and I'll pay $20 to $750 per customer depending on their monthly usage. If there's any interest here email me at [removed] and I can get into further detail.
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    OP I would set up a website with an affiliate program and then advertise your affiliate program on ABestWeb (ABW). This would get the best response from the ABW community. Also, it would provide a tracking solution so that affiliates can see their results.
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    The correct place to post this would be here:

    I'll remove this thread once I know you've read it.

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    Putting up an affiliate program would indeed be the best way to go about getting internet marketers to promote your service. Maybe sign up as an advertiser with one of the networks so that you do not have to worry very much about how the referrals can be tracked. Of course, you need to have a website for the service you offer.
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