You talked. We listened. I'm happy to announce that the Affiliate Lounge group of forums, which includes the Midnight Cafe, has been moved back up near the top of the forum list. The Private Forums (if you have access to any) are still at the top and the News & Events (where the tax forums are, among other things) are next, but after that is the Affiliate Lounge and all its sub-forums.

This had been one of the suggests from iNET when we were preparing for the vBulletin upgrade and reskin of the site. With all of their other forums, the off-topic forums (which is primarily what the Affiliate Lounge is, other than the Midnight Cafe) are always at the bottom, to help encourage more on-topic discussion. Although we felt pretty strongly that it should remain at the top, it was a good argument so we decided to give it a fair try. That trial confirmed what we suspected - that it really needed to be up near the top.

I know that there are still several other big things we need to fix with the redesign (and a ton of small things and a few enhancements). As many of you know, I've had a number of external things vying for my time, so most of that has been on the backburner without someone to spearhead the changes. It's not forgotten, though, and it will all be addressed in time. Thanks for your patience!