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    January 18th, 2005
    anybody know of an ftp program that would allow me to pick several files from different directories at the same time to upload at once, rather than having to change each directory by hand at upload time ala ws_ftp ..

    or even better, a text editor that automatically uploads any page I have made changes to in a session?

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    January 18th, 2005
    Dreamweaver has an option to upload to server on save.

    And you can select as many files as want from any number of folder to upload in one session.

    Or you can synchronize files between local and remote files, so Dreamweaver will just upload those files which are newer on your PC.

    Dreamweaver has a lot of functionality for maintaining your files.

    I suppose it's the leading WYSIWYG editor, and pretty good at it, though quite often What You See is not What You Get.

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    If you want to keep your site in sync, there are several FTP programs that will do this, I use SitePublisher with success.

    If you simply want to upload a specific file/folder then again there are many programs that will do this, I use LeechFTP.

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    In OSX, you can set up folders for your different websites on your desktop, and just drop files on them, and they're ftp'ed up to your server.

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