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    April 23rd, 2010
    Trying to wrap my head around datafeeds
    What I'd like to do is create a website that allows users to comparison shop prices for a certain type of product. The products would primarily be sorted by brand and, when a certain brand was requested, a list containing all items under that brand, picture, and prices from the various merchants I'm associated with would appear on one table. I'd also like a to create a link to a local page of my own that would have reviews or other comments about the product. I haven't yet been approved for all the merchants I applied for yet, so I can't look at all the datafeeds themselves, but I'm assuming that I'll have to code a parser for myself.

    Is there any way I can tell from the feeds that product x is product x on all websites?

    I'm sorry for asking silly questions, but before I go off and code my own parser, I want to make sure I'm not reinventing the wheel or missing something stupid obvious. It seems like the API provides some of this functionality, but not all.

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    April 23rd, 2010
    Okay after glancing through this, it's obviously easiest to parse it myself. The manufacturer IDs are there often enough that I think I can use those to make sure I'm pairing the right products.

    My only other question might be slightly merchant-specific, but is there any way to grab only the male or female version of certain items? I've tried looking through the subcategories for altrec (for example) and it seems like things like skis and snowboards aren't broken down to into men's / women's, even though that is done on their website. That question probably belongs specifically in their forum or in an email I guess, but I've noticed it with other merchants and I was curious if I was missing something obvious.

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