Last Friday I received an email from Julia who is the Champs Sports AM asking me (and other affiliates) to market their new VIP Club.

I asked Julia if affiliates receive commissions for VIP Club sign-ups. To her credit, Julia responded early this morning that unfortunately affiliates receive no commissions for VIP sign-ups.

I then responded to Julia with an email below:
"Here's the problem from an affiliate perspective. You want us to promote something that isn't commissionable and that would be ok if your return days was acceptable but it's really low.

So the added benefit of making sales after a newsletter is sent is negligible.

I would recommend increasing the return days so affiliates would be more inclined to promote a promotion like this.

Hopefully they will consider this for future promotions that yield little benefit for affiliates.

Maybe they think we're offering our services for free and are willing to be a charitable organization.

I really wouldn't mind promoting these types of offers if I felt that the merchant's terms were fair.

Champs Sports has a return days policy of 10 days. If it were 30 or 45, I would feel comfortable that the recipient of VIP deals emailed to them could be redeemed in time for me to receive a commission.

Hopefully this post will serve as a good discussion for affiliates and merchants to learn adequate and fair ways to promote merchants.