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    Hello -

    This is the first time I have ever set up a drop-ship relationship and I wanted to get some feedback on the situation.

    Basically I am going to market a single product for a guy that doesn't know much about the internet, much less how to market on it.

    I plan on charging people about 50% more than the other distributors do for his product, because I believe it is way under priced and they should charge more for it.

    Do I need to tell him on my plans to mark it up, or should it not matter because in essense I am buying the product from him and reselling it - he'll just be the one shipping to the customer.

    Is it unethical in any way for me to sieze an opportunity in this way? Any insights would be appreciated... what would you do?



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    A mark up as such isn't out of range if you are selling it on a retail basis
    You are taking all the risks

    Normal offline businesses do the same thing.

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