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    How does cashback sites work?
    A customer is refered by cashback sites to merchant's site and fulfill a purchase. How can cashback sites judge which registered member the sales was from? To be exact, how can cashback sites recognise the customer who deserves the ?

    Need advice on programming aspect. Thanks in advance for all your help.
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    You will need to append a subid to your network tracking. That subid will identify your member in some way (either by username, email, member id, or something like that). Then when you pull your reports from the network, you will be able to match up the credits to the customers. Each network uses different parameters for their subidentification.

    e.g. Shareasale is
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    There is a lot of discussion about this here, just search cashback sites.

    But like helpingmoms said above, you would use subids. Every network offers this type of tracking.
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    Ask anyone running a cash back site and you will learn that you are at the mercy of the network's accuracy and timeliness in reporting transactions.
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