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    I already affiliated with a number of pet merchandise programs, but wanted to put a call for merchants out anyways in case there are some that I missed, or in case some of you merchants would like to offer a special deal to a site like this.

    I run a site that lists no kill feline rescue organizations, (at no charge) in addition to articles on health care and general cat care. We had a forum for several years that has been down for a few months while I have been reorganizing the site. The directory software I use for some other sites has been provided at a discounted price, with forum software thrown in at no cost (A special Thanks! to the folks at Gossamer Threads!).

    The site is currently a mess, it is a high volumn, high turnover site, and needs an army of volunteers to maintain it, but it has a high percentage of stickiness. I have volunteers to help, so we are ready to roll with the new software.

    Why do you as a merchant care? This site will get an incredible amount of traffic when it relaunches in a couple of weeks, it will have people that will revisit it regularly, and it will be blasted by feline enthusiasts to feline related mailing lists and by word of mouth when I announce it.

    Who are the merchants that will benefit from this traffic? Email me if you don't think I am already an affiliate, and if I am part of your program and you want to create a special cat related, rescue sensitive banner or creative, let me know asap.

    The site is and I should have the new software in the next day or so, and will need all the datafeeds I can get! There currently is NOT a shopping section, but there are constantly people emailing asking how they can help, so this will be a section labeled "Shop here to support No Kill Feline Rescue".

    Once I have the software there will be a "soft launch" to get the rescues to come add their info and to get the volunteers trained on adding links to the sections they will be in charge of.

    I don't expect a huge response here, but figured if I don't ask, I won't know

    I am also open to some design and graphics help And if *anyone* has a super computer that can do a search and replace on all the front page crap so all the html pages will match the new site look I would be eternally grateful. The site was orginally made with old, bad Front Page and special effects and junk and stuff that needs to GO AWAY. LOL, there is lots of cut and paste in my future.

    (I took this site over from someone else that didn't have the time or motivation to work on it any longer)
    Deborah Carney

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    Not exactly on topic, but on SAS has a links page that lists rescue orgs, among other valuable sites. You might like to check out

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