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Thread: New Ticketmaster Widgets Have Arrived!

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    New Ticketmaster Widgets Have Arrived!
    We are thrilled to announce the availability of new and improved Ticketmaster widgets through Widgetbox! This change is a direct result of feedback and feature requests from many Ticketmaster affiliates – thanks for reaching out to us!

    Our partnership with Widgetbox begins a new chapter of widget development and support on our network. Widgetbox has a solid reputation in the industry, known for providing a clean and simple interface for widget development, as well as stellar customer support. This will enable our team to provide a larger variety of widgets, more capabilities, and a faster response time to any technical concerns.

    Great! What's Next?
    The first phase of our transition is intended to be as simple as possible. As a result, widget design and setup will continue to use the existing step-by-step process in your Management Area.
    However, this transition will likely impact widgets you’re currently running through
    • If you are currently using flash-based widgets, you must replace them with our new widgets before April 30th. On this day, will shut down the existing EventEngine / Goowy widgets.
    • If you are currently using HTML-based widgets, no replacements or changes are necessary.

    During this phase, you’ll notice an improvement in response time and reliability to positively impact your widget experience. Also, keep an eye out for a new name in the Management Area – EventEngine will become “Ticketmaster Widgets” to more clearly convey its functionality.

    What's After Phase 1?
    Phase two will include a variety of new capabilities, including incorporating more widget styles and the flexibility to edit the widget design and show only the pieces that you find most valuable. In addition, we plan to add video capabilities to widget creatives, enabling affiliates to pull videos from sources such as YouTube to feature in the custom widget. These are only a few examples of future plans to make each widget more functional, user-friendly, and adaptable to new technology.

    Who Do I Contact For More Information?
    If you have any questions or would like further information, contact or
    Greg Bennett | Account Manager
    Tel: 888-791-0341 x3 | AIM: GregBennettbuyat

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    Any idea when the widget feeds will come back alive? They went down in the wee hours this morning.

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    The widgets do appear to be up and running. But if you see any further issue please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.


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    Hi my widgets are not showing on my site, plus I noticed in my account ticketmaster is no longer even listed under approved??? ive been busy on other affiliate sites to even notice. Any update on

    1. Who is the affiliate manager
    2. Is it still going through
    3. Why I might have been taken out of the program?

    thanks kindly

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    May want to check your emails. They have "re-structured". Dumped lots of affiliates.

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