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    I have a link on my website with urlredirection ( ) this redirects customer to a website ( e.g. blank.html ) on which I have an automatical redirection to the merchant where the customer wants to go.
    Let figure it out: if the customer clicks the first link, then a cookie is set, immideately after this action the parasiteware sets its cookie, but after that the cookie of blank.html is set ( it is my cookie ) automatically. And if this cookie is the last one which was set, it counts as my sale/lead.
    Right or wrong?

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    Someone please correct me if I am wrong, I believe no cookie is set until the customer reaches the merchant's site. There is no entity between the first click and the final destination to set a cookie. The parasite gains the cookie by overwriting your affiliate ID. at the final destination which is the merchant's site.


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    Gene, pretty close. There is one destination between the first click and destination though. That would be the network server and that's where cookies are set.

    The same ? was posted in another forum. My response is here:

    Keep Your Hands Off My Cookies

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    I have a question about cookies.

    If a surfer's browser is set to not accept cookies, what happens when they click through and make a purchase on their first visit to the merchant?

    I know the subsequent visits to the merchant I won't be credited because their was no cookie, but what about the first affiliate link clickthru?

    Thanks in advance.

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