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    Dont most spammers use BP Hosting? So the actual spammer (person with the mailing list), will never ever get touched.

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    umm, that is nasty. It would raise awareness about spyware and piss off the masses so that they DON'T use email or the internet at all. I don't think that is the end result these companies want.
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    Quite interesting. Maybe this will bring more awareness to much of the unethical acts being committed on the net and add some clear guidelines and internet laws that will finally start taming the wild wild net.

    Hopefully, whatever is done by the powers, will be done all in a way that will have minimum impact on the innocent, but I won't hold my breath. Kind of have mixed feelings about this as any remedy could hurt us as much as those doing all the wrong if not thought out and implemented properly. However, something HAS to be done so ......

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    I think it's a great idea. Infected PC's being used as spamming robots get disconnected from the network.

    Forces them to remove parasites from their machines.

    Dramatically reduces the amount of spam hitting my mailservers.

    A win-win proposition.

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    I run adaware once a week and update the definitions. Ever since switching off activeX controls, I haven't gotten any spyware caught by the new definitions. woo hoo!

    I've been getting "cannot create message, over quota when sending message to [other user]" messages bounced from my e-mail server, but I check the headers and there's a "set from-address to [my address]" field just before the "from/to/cc" fields in the email.

    The "from" field usually contains a bogus name like "Jeffrey Mckenna [my address]" or "Jeannie Ambrose [my address]".

    I haven't gotten many responses, but it irks me that I might actually be sending these without my knowledge NOR MY CONSENT.

    I forward spam as an attachment (headers intact) that comes from [any address] to my ISP, explaining that I am not sending them and I want to assume that the [any address] user is not sending them, either.
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