Program Highlights:

* 10% - 13% tiered commission
* Commission duration 45 Days
* BYOL available

1. Our bouquets are made by our Local Florists! - offering live local prices.

2. We never send flowers in a box! - Our florists personally deliver our flowers by hand.

3. SAME-DAY delivery around the WORLD! - you can order as late as 4:00 in some countries and still get SAME-DAY delivery with our local florists.

4. Sending flowers with FloraQueen is guaranteed. Always on-time: We are only Happy if You are Happy!

Launched in 2002, our company has been specializing in on-time flower and gift delivery with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. FloraQueen was born with a clear vision:

"To provide the best service to our clients and to protect the art of the local florist by harvesting more orders directly to their stores, thanks to the Internet!"

We are America's leading international flower delivery service because we work directly with our local florists, in over 100 countries. This means that customers will always pay "local prices" no matter where they are sending their flowers.

Our catalogue is very complete with the freshest flowers, chocolates and elegant gift baskets.

We work in five languages and have banners and text links in English, Spanish, Italian, German and French; more opportunities to cash in commissions!

Our focus on using fresh and premium quality flowers from our local florists has allowed us to reduce the high commissions charged by most other services; we are the only source between our customers and our florists.


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