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    Same affiliate program on 2 different networks, different EPC, why?
    Hi All,

    I saw the same affiliate program (I mean from the same company) on both SAS and CJ but the EPC is vastly different. On SAS, its 7 days' EPC is about $10 while on CJ, it is only $4 for its 7 days' EPC. What do you think could be the possible cause?

    Thank you : )


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    Expected. Different networks, different set of affiliates, affiliates doing different things.

    Signup with the merchant through the network (CJ or ShareASale) that you are more comfortable with.

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    We used to have that with an old appliances client. They were on CJ and GAN, and a number of factors contributed, including that they had different custom program terms with different affiliates on the different networks, and that each network had a different group of high-performing affiliates. An affiliate with a high EPC on Network A can skew overall statistics greatly, in some circumstances. On a 7-day EPC, a single sale can skew everything so greatly to make the number occasionally meaningless (30-day is less volatile).

    The main thing is: With rare exceptions, you will have the same EPC regardless of network. Your site is the determining factor, not the network.

    Rare exceptions can include:

    • Different commissions on different networks (I've seen it)

    • One of the networks has less reliable tracking

    • One network has better features that make you more profitable (easier access to datafeeds, coupon feeds)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathan Weinberg View Post
    Different commissions on different networks (I've seen it)[/LIST]
    I've seen a fair bit of this too. Always good to see what network offers the best rate.

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    tks everybody!

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