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My mother lives in Albertville, Alabama, where I grew up . . . our home town was torn apart by a tornado late Saturday night . . . you probably saw it on the news. The town was devastated. Much of the new High School was flattened, the car wash was vaporized. Foodland of Albertville lost its roof. Trees fell on the Baptist church van. The bank was destroyed and the ATM has no electricity, so neighbors are on the honor system.

My 88 year old mother was alone in the house when the tornado ripped off part of the roof and punched a hole through her bedroom wall. Much of the patio was blown down the street .. there is standing water and glass everywhere … but she is fine and planning to rebuild. Go mother!*

Annilee and Warren Brumlik 1943

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P.S. please take some time this upcoming weekend to spend time with loved ones.

* As Oprah said, “You’re mother warriors is what you are.”
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