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    How do you track multiple affiliate programs on different networks?
    I posted this in introduce yourself, but didn't get any feedback. Maybe this is a better place for the question.

    My name is August, and I am a startup founder and a web developer. I am working on a new startup, and am really interested in connecting with experienced affiliates who can give me feedback about how the track their various affiliate programs.

    I'm not here to compete with anyone as an affiliate or sell anything. I hope that my new startup's product will be very useful to affiliates who earn commision through a variety of affiliate networks.

    If any of you can tell me what you currently do to track your affiliate programs' earnings I would be very grateful for any insight you could provide.

    If anyone want's to take the time to contact me personally my email is

    I would love to have a 10-15 minute conversation with you, and ask you for some feedback. In return for your time I am happy to answer any technical/development questions that you may have.

    Thanks so much!


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    One thread is enough, will close this one. Truthfully, people may not be interested in what you are offering.

    Here is the link to the other thread:

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