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    Google AdWords too expensive
    When I dabbled in affiliate marketing I found Google AdWords to be too expensive. So my question is, what other inexpensive ways are there for promoting other than Google AdWords? Regards.

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    What's more expensive? A $0.50 click that converts at 10% or a $0.01 click that converts at 0.01%? Google, Yahoo and MSN convert, if you know what you're doing.
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    Try good old SEO: backlink building, article marketing, blog commenting, social networking, forum posting. And make sure that your page(s) is(are) well-optimized for your keywords.
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    Seo !!!

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    Try long tail keywords then.

    Like MColey said, Yahoo, MSN/Bing, Ask, etc

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    The adwords cost is mostly depend on the keyword, to get lower CPC, you gotta study on the keywords. By the way, you are try out some other PPC advertising such as bidvertiser or facebook, they are cheaper

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    You are paying for results. There are a lot of cheaper services out there but there is a reason why Google, Yahoo, MSN/Bing charge so much.
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    it takes extensive testing to get the "formula" right. but once done correctly, it can produce consistent returns. just keep testing (btw, u will lose money at first, chalk it up to R&D if it makes you feel any better

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