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    Slow Page Refreshing after Posting?
    This might be my computer but after every post, the hourglass keeps on going and going etc...

    But when I click f5 or refresh, the post is indeed there. Again, probably a problem on my end.

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    It sounds like a problem on your end. I post quite a bit and have never seen that.

    What browser and version are you using?

    Any problems loading other pages, or just when you post?

    The newer versions of vBulletin use AJAX for most stuff like that. Do you have JavaScript disabled or do you have problems with JavaScript on other sites?

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    I'll agree with Michael on this. The problem is most likely on your end. I never experience the slowdown you noted and I use a variety of platforms to connect and post to ABW. These include a Mac, PC and iPhone, using (mostly) Firefox on the Mac and PC and Safari (of course) on the iPhone. Connectivity is through DSL, cable modem, WIFI, and/or 3G.
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    Slow Page
    It may be the problem of server that the server is loaded too much. Browser is very important in browsing speed because some old versions of browsers cannot provide perfect view of webpage or effect its loading speed. You can also check the speed of your internet connection.

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