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    Do You Let Your Visitors Know They are Leaving Your Site?
    A different thread started by Zeus today has got me to thinking about how (or if) you let your visitors know that they are going to a merchant site.

    I have sites that show basically just a particular product area and the different merchants that sell it. I usually include a line something like, "Available at Merchant XYZ". I am curious if the rest of you let you visitors know that they will be leaving your site and going to a different site to make a purchase or do you just let them click and find out then.

    Edited to add this: Although I let my visitors know, some still think they are purchasing from me. Do any of you guys get those emails asking for a refund, etc.?
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    On my credit card sites, I try to make the transfer to the site that hosts the offer they are applying for as seamless as possible. Some of the merchants have landing pages before the application, but it really doesn't interfere with the process.
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    I typically have the merchant links open in a new window or new tab, and between that and the obvious change in site layout, domain, etc, you'd think it would be pretty clear to customers they are no longer on my site. But yes, I still get emails from customers asking about their specific orders every now and then.

    Edit: Maybe in the future I'll add some text like you see on travel sites: "now redirecting to delta . com to book your flight." or something similar. Most of my links say "buy now" or similar or are your typical merchant banners. We take for granted customers understand how it works but it's clear many do not.
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