Good evening team,

Please join me in welcoming the newest merchant to join the Andy Rodriguez Consulting firm: Major League Videos!

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Major League Video is a power house in recording customized, High Definition videos for business and business professionals of all types. Major League Video offers a unique proposition unlike anything on the web.

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Major League Videos offers website owners, affiliate marketers, business owners, independent sales agents the opportunity to own their very own, customizable video production for their website, in highest HD quality format available, at a price thatís unbeatable.

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Major League Videos records a customized video for your site or business in a Million dollar studio in Vero Beach, all you have to do is simply upload your pictures on the site, upload your customized script or have one of their trained content writers develop a script, choose one of our many HD sets and you are ready to go, itís that simple and the best part, its only $399.00!

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  • $600 Average Order
  • 12% Commissions on ALL Orders!
  • 30 Day Cookies
  • Parasite FREE Program
  • Seasoned Affiliate Program Management
  • $5.00 Cash Activation Bonuses

At Andy Rodriguez Consulting, we are really excited about the potential that Major League Videos brings to customer. Gone are the days of spending $10,000, $50,000 or even $100,000, with Major League Videos its simple and very cost effective.

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Any affiliate that joins and gets active between now and May 10, 2010 will automatically be entered to win a free Major League Video for their site. We have a limited amount of offers available and we donít have enough for everyone, therefore join now, get active today and start making high commissions with Major League Videos!