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    Good Contact Form Plugin for WP
    I am looking for a contact form plugin for WordPress. I installed 'si-contact-form' plugin, but it's only partially working. It sends an email, but when it refreshes the contact page, it throws an error from a page not found.

    Any other forms that work?

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    I use Secure and Accessible PHP Contact Form for all my sites. Easy to use, works well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Powell View Post
    I use it on all my wp blogs
    - instruite [URL=""][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Powell View Post
    That looks good
    I want to remember it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Powell View Post
    Agree that this one is good. Only downfall is that you can't add the code outside of a post / page. There's no function to be able to call it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Powell View Post
    That's an awesome contact form plugin. Another advantage of Contact Form 7 is that you can have multiple contact forms on the same blog. If you ask me, why would anyone use multiple contact forms, then the answer is:

    I use Contact form 7 plugin for two different forms on my blog. One for "Contact Us" page and the other one for "Write For Us". Similarly, this plugin can be used to generate as many forms as you wish.

    There is one limitation of most contact form plugins. The javascript code generated by contact form plugins shows up on ALL pages/posts of the blog. This increases 1 javascript per page. And we all know that page loading times matter a lot when it comes to site-ranking on search engines.

    I have found another plugin that loads the javascript only on the page where contact form is displayed. This contact form is by Dagon Design. This is a good plugin and has configurable captcha too.


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    I use cforms wordpress plugin on some of my blogs and it is the best as compared to the many other plugins I tested. I tried many wordpress plugins, what cforms makes difference is -> It will let you activate the scripts and css files included in the plugin ONLY on the page you need the form!! It makes a very big difference from performance point of view IMO. If you have a blog where you have e.g. 300 to 500 views a day, adding only two requests per page(file downloads - css, js,) it makes too much data a month. and it is unneeded flow of data (because the scripts included in the plugin should only be loaded on the page when a visitor clicks on contact tab in the menu of my site!!).

    hope that helps,

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