IE has a serious exploit and servers are being hacked to deliver the exploit.

First, make sure your site is clean.

Second. Educate your users. Now is the time to introduce them to the new version of Mozilla.

The new version is great.

You can even get your googlebar back.

The idea behind firefox is to start with a stripped down browser, and let you build on top of that. The extensions are simple to install - but unlike active-X do not auto install.

And while you have your viewers ear with a very serious warning. Suggest a virus scanner to them - i suggest centralcommand. And a firewall - zonealarm free version. As well as your choice of scumware remover.

As well as warning the user away from Norton's because it is bloated and will have a negative impact on their browsing.

I made all of my links non-affiliate links so no claims of profiteering could be made. But this IE exploit is an opportunity to help push a significant change to users habits, so I think it is worth losing a bit on sales, for a wider acceptance of trying the changes.