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    How long did it take most of you before you started making money with your first affiliate site?

    I recently started my first affiliate site and actually first website in general. I've submitted my site to the search engines, related directories and been emailing related sites to swap links. I'm very low traffic at the moment, which is expected, but wondering on average, how long would it take before seeing some sales? Thanks in advance.

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    If you can get Google to spide your site FAST then your 1st sale can come in FAST


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    Hey there -

    It took my first site 2 months to get that $7 commission.

    From then I've been growing ever since.


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    2 months for my first sale, which was on the last day of May: And here's my first affiliate payment, which is commission on 1 sale mind you

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    You can't expect to make money instantly with a site you just threw together to make money. After all, people have been workiong years on this, and unless they are utter itiots they know what to do. Therefore, you are competing with people who know what to do and have been doing it for years longer than you. Unless, somehow you just build a better mousetrap, expect it to take some time to make serious money. We all put in our time and now you must too.

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