Hey all

A little under a year ago I launched a very basic very uninformative website for my software (Basically 3 pages of please download this and test i out)

Despite the site being very poorly made there have been sales. with no real marketing and a lousy website it has generated around $800 worth of sales at $50-$80 a pop.

I know the software can sell I have sold around 1000 copies in the danish version alone over the last few years.

Anyway I'm working on a new and better website (Just the other day I submitted a 10+ page spec sheet to my copywriter). This new website will feature an affiliate signup link.

What I am wondering is whether or not I have to wait a bit before offering the affiliate possibility to people so that I can have some sales numbers etc. tho show people or should I just offer a great deal from the get go and go for it?

I plan on offering a deal that pays $9-$24 commission per sale (%30 on Two versions of the software) a one year cookie, 10% 2. tier, monthly payout ($60 minimum) etc.

Will it be enough to offer a great deal and the knowledge that the Danish version sells well, or should I market the new site for a year or so before advertising for affiliates?

I look forward to your input

Best regards
Henrik Poulsen