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    Should I buy popshops?
    I will be setting up an affiliate store on a new site I'm making.
    I have done a lot of research and I am leaning towards signing up for popshops because it has an incredible selection of merchants in my niche and they will sell me the datapack API and with the help of a developer I can do pretty much whatever I want with it.
    Anyway, this is one long intro to my question:
    I am concerned about popshops' lack of support. They took a week to reply to my pre-sales questions. They don't have a moderated user forum. If I have a problem, will I have to wait a week for a solution? What if I need help fast? The comments on this forum about lack of support and updates are not encouraging.
    Also it makes me nervous that their homepage boasts that they were the best affiliate product of 2008. That's about a million years ago in internet marketing years. Is popshops a has-been? Do real internet marketers still use it? I noticed that half of the sample popshops sites listed on their site no longer exist.
    I have tested the software out thoroughly and it really is easy to use and works great, but I am concerned if it is properly updated and supported.
    Before I use it to build my business, I would really appreciate it if someone could share the inside scoop about this product!

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    This is their user forum, they drop in now and then. They are active on FB and there is a link in this thread:
    It works most of the time but due to the nature of processing and tweaking and serving thousands of datafeeds, there are hiccups. There is no immediate support, but help via email is better than in the forum.

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    I have always been a believer of never putting all my eggs in the same basket. I have different sites on different severs (in different NOCs) and use different feeds for our variety of sites.

    If I were to have one "main site" for my income avenue with only one feed supply - then if either the server, the NOC or the feed goes down I am TOTALLY out of business until whatever issues exist are resolved.

    With that said - we do use PopShops from both the affiliate side and from the merchant side and the service works well. I have never had a "service" issue as an affiliate or as a merchant - so have no experience on how quickly or slowly it would be resolved. However, we have been trying to get our latest program into the system - for four weeks - and all we have gotten thus far is an acknowledgment email.
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