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    Just to let you all know.

    LookQuick, one of the smaller, PPC engines has redone their whole interface and now has customized, keyword specific context ads as well as traditional search as part of their affiliate program.

    Affiliates earn 50% of all click thrus from the context ads and from all searched, sponsored links. In addition, you get 10% of the earnings of all referred affiliates.

    So far our average return from the search has been 8 cents per search since I got the search box up on the test pages.

    I just don't have a handle on the context ad box returns yet as I just put a few of them yesterday. But the way you can customize them is way cool. You can have from 1 to 10 ads in each box, change the size, color, font, font size and pick and choose the relevant keyword you want to feature.

    The SO has been working with these guys for over a year. I think they are on to something huge...(I am a bit biased though.)

    You can check out what a customized box and the search box look like based on the page the SO put up by going here

    or just go to LookQuick direct.

    I didn't post this for any reason other than I think you all can use it to make some extra money.

    I don't make anything from the links, but the SO might make something if you join thru the first link.

    I really think these guys are on to something worth looking at.

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    January 18th, 2005
    I checked out some of my keywords for my site and none appears.They have a long way to go in comparison to Yahoo.

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    Interesting. :: Day Care For Your Brain

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