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    Mountain Lion.....
    I own a 40 acre wooded area just a skip and a throw from where this was spotted..... kinda creepy. Maybe I need more than a walking stick, next time I go far a walk in my woods, lol.

    From the article...

    "The chance of encountering a mountain lion in Indiana is almost non-existent, with the last confirmed case of a wild cat in Indiana somewhere between 1850 and 1865, according to the DNR.

    Still, Bloom said people should be alert to their surroundings, and not try to approach, corner or run from a mountain lion."

    Yeah, I got that first part down, I won't be approaching or cornering that thing, not too sure about the second part, though!

    Full article:
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    Amazing animals. This is interesting to me b/c my folks live just South of Ithaca, NY (town called Erin), and they have had cougars recently as well. Just as unheard of. Around 30 miles away from them, near Corning, NY, I saw a recent photo of three together (in and of itself unusual) on a driveway.

    We live in a remote canyon in the Uinta Mountains of Utah, and although they are everywhere I have never seen one.. so I was a bit jealous my folks spotted one from the safe distance of their living room window!

    It's very unlikely you will ever see one while out walking, especially if you have a dog with you. And whatever you do, if you do encounter one, DO NOT RUN! That will trigger a response in the cat that says "I dominate that thing so I should chase, kill and eat it" Like the article says make noise, wave arms, try to look bigger and even charge after it yelling..

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    We live next to Cleveland National Forest.
    There are walking paths with signs posted "beware of cougars"
    They have attacked bikers recently.

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