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    Problem with Facebook
    I'm really confused about what's going on with Facebook. I know some other folks have mentioned problems, but I can't really find any clear direction.

    I am "intermittently" able to post to Facebook using the iPhone app, but I'm unable to perform ANY functionality using the facebook web site (from my desktop computer using Mozilla). Most links seem to be unformed (just looping the current page with no parameters), and buttons won't work. I can't do ANYTHING on Facebook, and there just seems to be nothing I can do about it. I found a help forum where I was invited to seek help, but guess what -- I can't post there either.

    It "feels like" my account has been frozen or something, but there's no hint of this anywhere, and as noted I can sometimes post using the iPhone app.

    What's really annoying is that I can't do anything about 'messages' or 'friend requests' or 'events.' Basically, if anyone is trying to communicate with me using Facebook, it looks like I'm not reading anything or taking any actions. (It's probably more annoying for folks to see that I was able to post after they sent me a message, yet they think I haven't tried to answer them.)

    Any suggestions? I am getting close to just wanting to close the Facebook account, but of course there's no way to do that, either.

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    Maybe it's Mozilla? Cookies?
    Okay, I know I tried using a different browser from my computer last week, and couldn't do anything -- but just now I got a reply from someone (on Facebook) suggesting that it might be a cookie issue, and sure enough I can now do stuff on Facebook using Chrome or Safari. I'll try flushing my Mozilla cookies and see if that fixes things.

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    Do let us know how it goes. I have never had problems with facebook myself but if that should happen (hope not) I will then know what to do.
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