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    Still a total newbie, help with deepdiscountdvd
    i just got accepted into deepdiscountdvd as an affil and was wondering, if you were like me - a total newbie.....where can i go to learn what steps to take in order to be successful? Been reading alot of posts here but i am now ready to jump in and try it all out. I picked something that i am interested in (movies, music etc..) but now don't know what i need to do next? do i need to get domain/hosting and start putting their banners on a site or? Should i get someone with more html knowledge to set it up for me or? I heard of a couple of sites like popshops and wondered if i should make one there? please help me get my feet off the ground and hopefully make a few bucks along the way lol.
    thanks again

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    Hi Rob,

    We have really helpful affiliate marketing lessons on our website. And it is free, too. Just go to our website and click the Lessons tab.
    The catch? you have to sign up for a FREE account. (Does that sound like a catch at all?)
    Affilorama Group Ltd
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    Hey Rob. Congrats on choosing a starting niche - that can be mind racking I know. Couple of suggestions - if your not tech savvy right now check out free website builder programs (for now) or look into (never used but heard good things).

    Once you decide how your going to build your site start researching what is:

    1. The best selling dvds/music
    2. In hot demand
    3. past bestsellers

    One way you can do this buy going to and clicking on bestsellers for your category. Just remember to find what the hungry fish are currently after first and then feed it to them!

    Whatever you do don't get discouraged. Keep coming back here to read and ask questions! Persistence will pay off if you stick with it and keep learning.
    "God moves imperturbably, slowly, and with perfect organization. The only wise rate at which to live is God's rate. God get things done and they are done right and He does them without hurry. He neither fumes nor frets. He is peaceful and therefore efficient." - Norman Vincent Peale

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    Steep road ahead indeed. Even to someone like myself that studied Information Systems at Carnegie Mellon, it took me years to get to where I am today (and I'm no where close to some of the people in this industry and on ABW).

    If I were you, I would look to outsource all tech stuff if you really have no clue and you want to start earning today.

    Look to your strong points - are you good at marketing? creating content? research/quantitative analysis?

    Depending on your aspirations and budget, I'd look to find a developer on or and spend no more than a couple hundred bucks for someone to create a basic website/blog for you. If you have business skills and know what you're doing running a business and have the budget, try to find "corporate" grade design/development.

    Hope this alternative viewpoint is helpful.

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