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    the best dataeeds script

    i have a big question for everybody what is the best script of datafeeds????

    thank you

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    I am also investigating this question thoroughly. I think that the best ones are datafeedr and popshops. each one has its strengths but neither give me everything I want . I wish it were possible to somehow combine them!
    Popshops has a much better selection of merchants, and datafeedr has much better support. Their support is AWESOME!

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    We see many of our checks affiliates successfully using both GoldenCAN and PopShops. We also just brought David Cusimano's script, DySE::GirlyChecks, on board and are looking for good things from that. We also plan to integrate all three services with our new hotels program.

    The alternative is to become proficient with PHP/MySQL programming and "roll your own."

    Over the years, as an affiliate, I have used GoldenCAN and PopShops and even rolled my own version(s) of datafeed integration. I am just now exploring the possibilities of the Scripts.
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    jacked by sylon
    I use Price Tapestry for all of my datafeeds:

    Example of a feed built with it:

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    What's the best way to track sales from datafeeds, meaning like popshops or datafeedr? So let's say I have a site where I promote normal links through a blog (text and banner) & then I put up a page where I list products through a datafeed. How would I know the sale came from a product datafeed? Like with CJ for example, I'll know which site made the sale but is there tracking that tells me it was from the feed?

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    In the PopShops interface, you can define an "ID" parameter for those networks which support it. It's cumbersome:
    1. edit your shop;
    2. then select the "Customize" tab;
    3. then click the "preferences" (gear) link in the upper right zone;
    4. then click the "tracking with sub-accounts" tab (rightmost);
    5. then enter a value into the "ID" field;
    6. be sure to click "save."

    Then, when a sale occurs, that value will appear in your report from the affiliate network. I know this works with ShareASale (I've seen sales reflect some the values I inserted); I would expect it to work with Commission Junction but I haven't confirmed it.

    As an example, I lazily just used "popshops" as the ID for several of my shops. Below is an image (click the thumbnail for a larger version) clipped from the SAS "Activity Details" report (with merchant info omitted). You can see that there are two helpful pieces of information: first, the "Affiliate Defined Sub-Tracking" and also the "Page Banner was Clicked From."
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