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    Question Another newbie question: Multiple Web Hosts?
    As a follow up to my question about whether to have multiple sites or one all inclusive site, I have this question:

    Is there any penalty to having all of your sites hosted on one web hosting account?

    My web host allows unlimited sites per account. All of my sites are top level domains with normal file paths, so we're not dealing with subdomains or anything like that.

    I have read in a few places that you may get ranked lower by the search engines for having multiple sites on the same IP as google does not give as much credit to shared hosting sites as they are not "as serious" as sites with dedicated hosting or IP addresses.

    Any truth to any of this, or all nonsense speculation?

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    That's a bunch of nonsense for the most part.

    It would be a good idea not to get too carried away with interlinking between sites within the same Class-C IP range though.
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    Two things I always suggest is:

    1) Never register your domain name with your Host!! Even if it a free domain name.

    2) If your just starting out then it ok to host your first few sites on the same account. However once your making money and generating alot of traffic I would suggest you have more then one hosting company. I currently host sites at 4 different companys and always have enough room to move sites off one of my host to the other 3 hosting companies.

    Hope that helps
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    You won't get lower rank for some sites hosted on the same account... just be sure not to create multiple pages, sub-domains, or domains with duplicate content.

    Agree also with having more than one hosting company

    Good Luck.

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    Thanks for your input. I really hadn't thought about it, but you are right on about having multiple hosts. Just so if one host has major issues and goes down, you don't lose all of your sites.

    It's also reassuring to know that the sites I do have on the same host aren't negatively affected by it.

    Thanks again all!

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    You are very welcome

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