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    Lots of Poor Quality Merchant Sites
    So, I was updating my merchant database and have come across a lot of merchants sites on different networks that are just bad. One site wouldn't even let you navigate because the site owner didn't update the code so every link started with http://localhost... Some sites look like they are out of business even though they are live on the network. Others, just terribly coded and ugly.

    Not sure if I should contact these merchants are just move on. It's one of those "do you help the old lady across the street" things.

    I wish networks would monitor merchants sites for update and make sure they are active and working?
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    OPMs and Networks periodically contact merchants who do not manage their affiliate program well enough. There could be many reasons why Merchants don’t manage their program the way it should be managed. When i joined LogoInn; I saw few OPMs and Networks requested me to hand over the Affiliate program to them but none of them pointed out a single flaw, they just had emphasized that we could help making your sales better. This is true that ultimately it’s an objective to every merchant but my point is none of them came up with the solution. I am already experienced in Affiliate Marketing for about 1 year and knows much of Affiliate Marketing system so helped myself with the expertise i brought with myself

    My Point is there could be many reasons in which merchant don’t handle their Affiliate Programs better, few major parts could be: Either merchants are not aware about the importance of Affiliate Program, Priority is changed from AM to direct sales management or Low of Affiliate resources.
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    May 12th, 2010
    Merchants usually don't invest on design and affiliates struggle for conversion with very poor results I must add.

    Guess that being both the merchant and the Affiliate Network will solve the issue in our case, we build and polish our merchants sites.

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    I'm not sure I would even bother with merchants who are that clueless. If I see a merchant that looks promising, appears open to learning, and is making a common mistake, that's one thing. But when you find merchants who don't know the first thing about making web sites (but are doing it themselves anyway), it's just going to be an exercise in futility trying to get them up to speed.

    I agree that networks should do more. Not just for the benefit of the affiliates, but for the benefit of the merchants as well. A merchant with that bad of a site isn't going to get anything out of an affiliate program (or their site!) so it's disingenuous to allow them to join the network until they're really ready.

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    Agree at some point... Still believe that closing doors is not the only option.

    I personally find amazing the transition from a poor designed site to an optimized one, and if I helped in that process... better

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    I've been generally disgusted with merchant sites most of my time in this industry.

    The usual trick is to find a good merchant and build a site to collect leads for them. My "problem" is that I build sites around things I am interested in and then find that the merchants are mostly terrible.

    All the more reason I am excited for Pay Per Call so I can send my leads to a real voice that can answer specific questions quickly with no navigation required.
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    My problem as an OPM is that I can't help every bad merchant that launches because most of them don't want to listen and the rest don't have a budget. I think 9 out of 10 new merchants have the "If they build it, they will come" mentality. They launch with no tools for affiliates and expect miracles.

    Part of my job is to weed through the masses and find the ones worth saving, especially if they are mature programs. But even then, after a few months of dedicated management, some of them don't follow up on suggestions because they still think they know best. At that point, you just have to walk away.

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