We are pleased to announce that Dollars 4 Gold – Canadian affiliate program is now live on Webgains!

Dollars4Gold pays Canadian consumers for old, unwanted or broken gold jewelry. With the current state of the economy and gold prices near record highs, now is a great time to sell jewelry that is just collecting dust. Dollars4Gold will send consumers a free G-Pak; a Canada Post secure return envelope insured for up to $500. G-Paks come with full instructions and our service is pre-paid so there is no postage to pay. Consumers simply place their items in their G-pak and send them back. We’ll value the gold content of the items and send the consumer a check by return. Dollars4Gold is backed by a multi-million, publicly listed US company (SYMBOL: MFGD) and we offer a no-quibble 100% satisfaction guarantee – if our customers not 100% happy with the check, they can request their precious metals back free of charge. Double G Guarantee! – If customers can find a better rate from a national advertiser we’ll double it!

Affiliate Program Details:
- Affiliate commission is US$14.00 for a valid lead in a session based cookie.
- No incentivized traffic allowed.
- No PPC – affiliates are not permitted to use the display URL for direct PPC and are also restricted from bidding on brand terms or competitor brand terms when promoting via indirect PPC.
- All leads are on a 60 day recall and the client will send us regular batch files to approve valid leads.
- This program has local tracking so please only use the URLs provided by Webgains or your commissions will not track.