For those of you who like to hear ABWers speak, here are the proposed sessions that have active ABWers as speakers. Keep in mind that Affiliate Summit is testing out a new process allowing everyone to vote for the sessions they would like to see. Don't just vote for people who are familiar though. Pick the sessions you would like to see. I know I voted for several with speakers I don't know that sounded good, but several of the sessions I'm looking forward to the most are ones with ABWers.

If I missed anyone, let me know your session.

Are you kidding me? Merchant Mistakes
Session Description: Going over common Merchant Mistakes and why they are bad. Limiting to 100 Affiliates, Not participating in forums, Being on AutoApprove, etc...
Session Speaker: Adam Riemer, President, Adam Riemer Marketing, LLC.
Session Classification: Beginner, Merchants/Advertisers, Common Mistakes

Podcasting 101
Session Description: In this era of self-publishing, anyone - including you - can produce a podcast (and make money doing it!) Come learn the basics of producing, monetizing, hosting and promoting your very own podcast.
Session Speaker: Trisha Fawver, Client Support Specialist, For Me To Coupon
Tricia Meyer, Owner, MeyerTech
Daniel M. Clark, Host, Geek Dads Weekly
Session Classification: Beginner, Affiliates/Publishers, Podcasting

Affiliate Program Case Studies: Strategies and Practices
Session Description: Discussion of what it takes for a retailer to get their affiliate channel to the next level. Merchant case studies reveal and illustrate strategies and practices that attract and keep affiliates.
Session Speaker: Melanie Seery, President, Affiliate Advocacy LLC
Madeleine McGregor, Director of Affiliate Management,
Adam Riemer, Affiliate Mangager, Thane Direct
Kimberly Salvino, Sr. Delivery Mangager,
Session Classification: Intermediate, Merchants/Advertisers, Merchant education

Trademark Bidding in Affiliate Marketing
Session Description: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of trademark bidding in affiliate marketing. An in-depth look at the impact trademark bidding has on all players in the affiliate space.
Session Speaker: Paul Schroader, President, PS Web Solutions, Inc.
Justin Bowen, Co-owner, Liquid Apogee Designs
Chuck Hamrick, Outsourced Program Manager, AffiliateCrew
John W. Dozier Jr., Esq, Founder and President, Dozier Internet Law, P.C.
David Naffziger, President and CEO, BrandVerity
Session Classification: Intermediate, Affiliates/Publishers, PPC

Beyond Business Cards
Session Description: Move beyond passing out stacks of business cards and adding legions of Twitter followers to promote your business. 11 steps to forging relationships to yield results beyond leads and self-promotion.
Session Speaker: Jen Goode, Designer, JGoode Designs
Panel: Au-Co Mai,, CEO
Lisa Picarille,, Consultant
Lisa Riolo, Impact Radius, Co-Founder
Karen Garcia, GTO Management, Co-Founder
Session Classification: Beginner, Affiliates/Publishers, Networking

Strategies for Marketing to Women
Session Description: 3 out of 4 women identify themselves as the primary shoppers for their households. We will discuss marketing to women from a merchant, OPM, and affiliate viewpoint to help you harness the buying power...
Session Speaker: Tricia Meyer, Owner, Sunshine Rewards
Laura Parvey-Connors, Founder, Loose Leash Marketing and Design
Kristin Kinsey, Founder, MadHatter Consulting, Inc
Session Classification: Intermediate, Affiliates/Publishers, Marketing

Creating a Stronger, Balanced Affiliate-Merchant Agreement
Session Description: Can we have a stronger, fairer Affiliate-Merchant Terms of Service agreement to better protect affiliates and merchants? Discussion of the current inadequacies and challenges in creating a better TOS.
Session Speaker: Melanie Seery, President, Affiliate Advocacy LLC
Brian Littleton, President/CEO, ShareaSale Inc
Adam Riemer, Affiliate/Founder, Adam Riemer Marketing
Kimberly Salvino, Senior Delivery Manager,
Session Classification: Intermediate, Affiliates/Publishers, Education

The Pros & Cons of and OPM
Session Description: With so many merchants outsourcing their affiliate programs, we will discuss what are some of the unknown cons & pros of outsourcing affiliate program. From the perspective of someone who is now...
Session Speaker: Schmuel Tennenhaus ,CEO, Shmuel Tennenhaus Marketing & PR
Session Classification: Intermediate, Merchants/Advertisers, PPC

Case Study - The Affiliate Channel
Session Description: Learn the secrets on turning your affiliate program into an industry leader. We will examine and show you why and how Checks Unlimited has held ShareAsale's #1 PowerRank Program for over 3 years.
Session Speaker: Andy Rodriguez, President, Andy Rodriguez Consulting Inc.
Kelly M. Earwood, Affiliate Manager, ChecksUnlimited
Session Classification: Beginner, Merchants/Advertisers, Program management