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    I am an affiliate marketer, or a "publisher". I have twenty different websites and all of them are similiar in name and are all hosted by the same company. Two of my sites are different and are hosted at different companies. I have noticed that even though all the pages are similiar in format and content, the two sites that are hosted at different companies and has different names, always ranks higher in the search engines. So I did some research and noticed that several sites, owned and operated by the same company, have each of their sites hosted by different companies, and all their sites are ranked high in the search engines. More than half those sites haven't been optimized, contain no content. I have made sure that all my sites are keyword rich, all the meta tags are in line, ADA compliant and each page contains relevant content.
    So my question for you all:
    Should I be hosting all my sites on different IP addresses, and keep the sites from having similiar names? What are all of your reccomendations?

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    need more data to start: did you buy into some deal that gave you 20 sites on one server? Are _those_ sites similar because you have no control over their content, being part of a deal?

    let's start there, then maybe others will chime in.

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    I built all 20 of them, 18 of them from the same template, used different colors, the other two of them are stand alones. The first two I purchased years ago and not with the same hosting company, the other 18, I bought a bunch of domain names and hosted them all at the same company.

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    Hmmm... having several sites on the same IP address shouldn't matter a jot from the point of view of the ranking of the page, unless perhaps the content is very substantially duplicated. If you think about it, many web servers have hundreds if not thousands of web sites on them, so this is quite normal.

    However.. there is a potential linking issue. It is widely thought that Google will give a lower rating to outbound links to a site on the same subnet than to a site on a different subnet. This may apply to other SEs too.

    For example - I have a reseller account that allows me as many domains as I want on a randomly selected server at my host's server farm. The thinking is that if I link from Site 1 to Site 2 all hosted with Host A, then Google will realise that the sites are probably related and that the "vote" the link carries may be penalised - simply because the two sites are not independent, and the "vote" is rigged.

    However, if the sites are with different hosts on different subnets, then the thinking is that Google will assume the sites *aren't* related and the link will carry more weight because the "vote" will be considered to be impartial and not part of some SEO scheme.

    So, let's say you have a portfolio of sites, some of which are quite popular and have a reasonable amount of PageRank in their own right.. if you host those at different companies, then you would get the full weight of the link from a high-PageRank site to one you want to "boost". So, to this end it might be useful to take popular sites out of the "pool".

    This is only a theory of course. However, I do actually do this in practice, partly deliberately, but also because sometimes I need different hosting requirements for sites. It seems to work quite well though.
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