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    What's a good flower merchant? (datafeed would be nice) I'm curious as I finally got one of those "you're dead weight, make sale or get dropped by deadline date" type emails from one.

    I don't promote flowers, my sites have no theme for it, flowers are seasonal or holiday specific, and personally I think are a waste of money. So excuse me for not trying harder.

    However there are some links up.. like 4 and will need to get these replaced by next valentines probably(heh). Since the site the links are on is doing terrible with search engines I don't see myself getting a sale before the deadline.

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    Forget Flower merchants entirely as 100% of all the BHO commission hijackers have everyone of these known brands popping up at the checkout lane. Even if you pick a clean flower merchant the sales hijackers will quash the sale. Leave this verticle to the Adwhores who rule it.
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    Mike I disagree. It's called merchandising selling. The parasites I can outsell more then the parasites. Consumers and customers hate adware and popups and I believe that the parasites will be in trouble when the new spyware laws and adware laws come into effect. Merchants are getting the notices and are starting to understand this issue and starting to get on our side as it is. Of course we still need to watch this issue and not partner with parasites.

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    164 (same as who has a board here)
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    Fleurop-Interflora on BeFast

    Even better if you have some international traffic

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