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    Whats the best way to start as a producer(or watever a designer is called)?
    Hi im looking to start out affilate marketing i know how to code and design sites my question is should i use high traffic sites that are established or start off with new landing pages?

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    Anyhelp at all?
    Im still trying to figure weather to buy existing domains or create new ones with a keyword or two included in the domain name hope someone can give me the better choice cheers.

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    If you have existing sites, find related products to promote for your existing traffic. If you want to promote some particular vertical and can get a good domain name, that will help you start in that vertical. One is not necessarily better than the other but you will be more likely to get some results sooner on an existing site.

    Too much depends on the type of promotions you are planning to do to say one is better. A good domain name and optimized landing pages is beneficial for PPC campaigns. Existing traffic on an established domain can start producing tomorrow if you present products that interest your visitors.

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