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    Automatic Coupon Feed
    Hi Everyone,

    We are currently setting up a coupon site / FB application and are looking to get a list of all coupons for the merchants we are signed up with automatically. I know we are able to download a csv file after logging in but I was wondering if there is anyway we can have our system download the file automatically from ShareASale in a similar fashion as with LinkShare?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Merely downloading the coupon offers from one or several affiliate networks isn't really adequate. Some affiliates build complex systems to manage coupons; others use services like ForMeToCoupon.

    Here are some past discussion threads on this topic:

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    Thank you Markwelch unfortunately none of those links really help. We understand what you are saying and yes we are building a system nevertheless we are looking for a solution if any exists that allows us to download coupons from ShareASale in a automated fashion for merchants we are signed up to. Can you or anyone else help?

    Thank you.

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    The API should give you what you need...

    Login and then go to API Reporting.

    Brian Littleton
    President/CEO -, Inc.

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    that mouses
    Hi Brian,

    Thank you, much appreciated. This is exactly the sort of thing we were looking for. We will try it out but may need some help. If so we will just post here.

    Have a good weekend.

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    Discountshuffle - I use ShareASale's API to grab coupons / deals daily. I'm using PHP, and outline the process on my website (although in this example, I'm showing how to get merchant status)

    This should help you get started,

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    Are you looking to just download and display or are you going to review the coupons for quality assurance?
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