Hello all

i have a pretty successful review website. business model is simple: review by me (technical and non judgmental), many comments/reviews by users (that actually make the review) and a price comparison at the bottom, with links to my affiliate partners.

I use prettylinks on wordpress to cloak my affiliate links (makes them nicer, i can track them and i was hoping doesn't upset google).

Now, once products reviews are quite a few, it becomes quite a job to keep track of what the price is of the product on various website and keep manually changing them in order to keep them updated.

I was looking into popshops -also comes as a wordpress plugin - to help me automate the creation (but especially the update) of the prices in the price comparison.

what i am sure it doesn't, it's to cloak the links.

Am i looking in the right direction? Anybody has tried this particular combination or knows something that works better or has developed something in-house?

thanks for sharing!