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    Is there such a thing as...
    borrowing someones site per day? Basically what i would like to do is put up a landing page with a poll on it for an event that happens later on that day. So for example, it's 1pm now and i would like to put up a poll for an event that is happening around 10pm tonight. Would have the poll on the first page and then the offer after they click on their vote. Does any of this make sense? Would pay a small fee of course to (borrow) the site lol.
    please inform and thanks

    Forgot to ask, generally when setting up keywords, approximately how long does it take to be approved? IS there a set amount of time before it gets indexed or whatever?

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    regarding keywords, I assume you are asking about adwords . . . could take just a few hours or, in the case of adult subjects, few days.

    and what's wrong with making your own site?

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    Depending on what the poll is about, it may be difficult to "rent" a webpage. Websites normally are about a specific topic and the site owner will want to any new content to be relevant.
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