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    Question about ASP and forms
    This is on a .net framework.

    Here is the scenario:
    I passed programmer Static HTML with form. The page is self contained and does not refer to any external links/prog, etc.

    He modifies the HTML and the form so that the page will work and the form will be used to capture information.

    When the new page goes live, it takes down a dozen or so pages with forms - 500 error.

    If I passed a programmer a static HTML page with a form, when he implements it after modifying my HTML and loads the fields in the form, what is the likelyhood that it will corrupt another page on the website because of my HTML?

    I have a feeling that he opened some existing page's form as a sample to review, the overwrote it accidentally.

    Thoughs programmer gurus?

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    Hi Eric - I can help, but I need a bit more info. If a developer simply pastes in HTML on only one page, its unlikely this will happen. If he's saving form info to database, and other forms are data-driven he could corrupt the db connection. If the pages shared common code, then it would have looked like that. If you're getting 500 error, are you getting detailed error messages or not?

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